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Foursquare – Making Social Media Georgraphy Savvy & More Niche Driven

foursquare, socialmediaBack on February 3rd of 2009 I wrote a post that asked Will Social Media Become More Niche In 1000 Days? With the recent rise in popularity of Foursquare the answer to the question is yes. Social is far more niche than when I wrote that post.

The addition of geography to keyword and #hashtag search has allowed users to dive even further and businesses are able to derive even more:

  1. Business Intelligence
  2. Competitive Analysis
  3. Direct To Consumer Marketing

In the coming months look for Foursquare to start segmenting industries even further. Also, rural America does not have much of a presence on Foursquare, so they might have to seed some content there. Ultimately, the day might come where you will be able to search for the most random of items or service based on your current location- and find it. I think it is safe say that Foursquare is pushing niche and the Geo makes traveling, moving or simply knowing your surroundings, that much easier.

I am sure there are other business drivers I missed. Feel free to bolt on your business drivers for Foursquare in the comments.

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Does Social Media Have Any Real Value? Yep! Sure Does!

The naysayer article “Does Social Media Have Any Real Value” stimulated some thoughts. The author, John Brandon says:

“There’s a lesson here, I think. For those trying to use social networks to actually influence thinking, you have to remember that most people are only paying attention to them in a sideways glance. They see the status of friends breeze by — it’s just a notch more important to them than spam.

None of these systems are game changers. Say you’re a PR firm trying to get your product noticed. Social media helps. What actually gets the product noticed, though, is old fashioned advertising, word of mouth, and favorable reviews. It also has to be a good product.”

Inaccurate is how I would refer to the statement above. I have seen Social Media fill the following business objectives successfully:

  • Market research and business intelligence
  • Customer/partner education
  • Evolution of user groups
  • Product innovation
  • Competitive analysis
  • Peer-based support
  • Company-wide collaboration/learning solution
  • Thought leadership/leads

I can discuss these successes offline if you are interested. But I can say with absolute certainty that John Brandon has it backwards. Social Media should be the central point for building a brand in 2009- with “old fashioned advertising” in support. Then the “word of mouth, and favorable reviews” will follow.  Just look at how our President kicked off building the “US Recovery” brand today. http://www.recovery.gov

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