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5 Alternative Social Analytics Solutions To Radian 6 & Techrigy

reputationIt is 6AM and I am already a third of the way through a pot of coffee. What is early occasion? Brand awareness tools! Thrilling right? Well actually – yes! For many executives, being able to show their brand penetrating the market is vital. So for the last few days I have been researching and playing around with some of the cheaper Brand Reputation tools for those companies with smaller budgets.

NOTE: Let me preface this post by saying, I am a firm believer that Techrigy and Radian 6 are the market leaders and the best value if your organization has the bucks to spend.

The following are the 5 tools I recommend for those with a slimmer budget:

Scoutlabs– A fantastic little service that I have used in the past. Their official quote is “A powerful, web-based application that tracks social media and finds signals in the noise to help your team build better products and stronger customer relationships.” $100 dollars a month for track your brand in Social Media channels, analytics and a platform that helps you assign actions based on sentiment.

YackTrack – A free service that lets you monitor the chatter of any URL. I use this as a quick reference often. Certainly is not a service that you should hang your hat on as being “the monitor service for you”.

Nielsen NetRatings – I have been monitoring their service for awhile. They have been diligent about rolling out more and more bells and whistles. It is an ala carte approach to buying what you need, as you go. This makes it cost effective and simply works. I would just like to see the website be a little less cumbersome!

The Search Monitor – I feel like this service is great for monitoring not only your brand, but also monitor competitive intelligence and an entire industry. For $99 dollars and a free white page, you can’t go wrong!

Buzzlogic – The buzz around this service is very high. The client testimonials are solid and the customer base is fantastic. There is one issue- the issue of cost is vague! It doesn’t show, which makes me believe that they might fall into the Radian6 and Techrigy category instead of the services above.

Have a suggested service? Leave it in the comments? Are you a analytics solution provider? Same deal, drop your value, website and digits in the comments. Have a great hump day!

3 Musings: Social Analytics, #starwarsday & Twitter, Swine Flu & Social Media.

techrigy-demo-graphics-analyticsSocial Analytics: I am amazed at how many companies are engaging in Social Media without true business objectives, nor a list of benchmarks to show real ROI. I use Social Analytics to create benchmarks and continue to show real ROI over time. This is a no brainer for any business. I can hook you up with the Techrigy product, just email me: derek@authoritydomains.com.

Personal Branding & Twitter: This blog about the importance of personal branding reminded me to share an important Twitter best practice:

An organization should have one Corporate Twitter account. For example, a mythological company that sells lightsabers called Lightsabers R Us joins twitter. They have one corporate address (with a username: lightsabersrus) to announce press releases and happenings around the organization. Then the rest of the workers havedarth-vader their real name as their user name, with the lightsabersrus.com web address in their BIO URL for a “link juice” purposes. Then each worker will tweet about their job at the company with 60% of the posted devoted to their daily jobs and things they are working on. The other 40% are personal posts, making them human. The end result is organic and serendipitous business opportunities and ultimately new Lightsaber sales. In the real world I have guided clients to using Twitter this way and have continued to have success with this plan. It does however take commitment and resources-at least 10 business folks tweeting with the pertinent keywords daily.

Thanks to all the Twitter folks who partook in #starwarsday for the inspiration around this fictional business reference.

Swine Flu: I believe Social Media was just as much at fault of pushing all the fear b00526_h1n1_flu_smlsurrounding swine flu as it was at debunking the legitimacy of it! It proves that the social end of business and entertainment is a powerful tool that takes planning to use it correctly. If used in correctly it can be as detrimental as it is helpful! Social Media is truly viral!

Shout-Outs From My Social Media Walkabout…

walkaboutI forget who-but somebody told me to have fun while looking for a job! After being on a Social Media walkabout for three weeks, I have come to the conclusion that there are some interesting folks that I have had the opportunity to chat with. Not only are they solid business people, but they are even better human beings. Maybe it is Social Media? Maybe it is a poor economy? Whatever the case is-people are inclined to share their business and talk shop openly. Because of that, I decided to share with you some of those fine folks and introduce their companies if you are not yet familiar:

Nattergalen– Have a gander at what they do. All I will say is they provide white label community management solutions for companies you would never suspect. The fact you don’t have a clue who Nattergalen is says to me they are better than good at what they do. Drop Scott a line and tell him I sent you: scott.hammond@nattergalen.com Please follow: @scotty_nola

Awareness– I have enjoyed interactions with their team. Not only that, the transparency around the relationship between them and Sony has been refreshing. You get the sense this is a true business partnership-with an eye on success. Please follow: @dkrcarter, @khoy, @rhopper and watch this:

Techrigy– Monitor your brands reputation-real time! You can even get a free account to try it out. Having hands on experience with the product in the past, I can say the product tells a great story. I have little doubt that solutions like this will become standard practice to recognize ROI with all Social Media projects. Please follow: @cbensen, @jimmyrey, @aaronnewman

Radian6-Radian6 is another analytics monitor for Social Media. My colleague and friend, Colin Browning was beating the war drum about these guys when we worked together. After researching them they have all the bells and whistles. Again- another company with a bright future once companies realize they need to show ROI around their Social Media projects. Please follow: @davidalston, @ambercadabra

Crowdvine– My blog around Best Practices and Conferences led to some interesting behind the scenes conversations. One of those conversations was with CEO-Tony Stubblebine. If you or your company conduct live events the demo Tony puts forth is compelling. The solution is perfect for mid-level to small business, in that it won’t annihilate the budget. If you request ace time with Tony, tell him I sent you. Please follow: @tonystubblebine

Eventvue– The company is another Social Media solution for the dilapidated Conference industry. I haven’t been able to do a demo yet, but they are professional, passionate and provide a solution you would expect. I am not clear on pricing, and find the website to be rather vague. But the 3 minute screencast showed me enough to feel as though it could be a viable solution. More research forthcoming! Please follow: @joshfraz

Ripple6– The company is another player in the Enterprise SaaS Social Media space. The two things that stood out to me was the solid recommendation that Jeremiah Owyang tweeted to me. The second is Gannet purchased them with an eye on growing out their business. This is a SaaS company that bears keeping an eye on in 2009. For more information, please email George Moser at george@ripple6.com Also, please watch:

I would also like to acknowledge the following people on Twitter for being engaging, interactive and social in every sense of the word: @cselland, @alexa, @scott_carter, & @shannonpaul.

Lastly, if you are in NY or Chicago and love sales – Communispace is hiring! Email Steven at: skosakow@communispace.com. Once again-be sure to tell him Derek sent you. 😉 Now, please excuse me while I grab my backpack and get back to exploring! Happy trails….

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