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Are You A “Hater” Or A “Thought Leader”?

Giving free press for bad behavior in never advised! It is the equivalent of giving a kid candy after refusing to eat their vegetables at dinner. But in this case-the spotlight is warranted. Please read here: http://jalopnik.com/5137683/scott-monty-ford-social-media-expert-a-bit-of-a-twit#c10740802 and read my comment & replies:


I don’t want to get into the logistics of the debate. Instead I would like to focus on the tone of the blog post and the tone by which the commenter’s/followers have chosen to interact after my comment. Outside of the folks who backed Scott Monty, there seemed to be a very negative overtone, not only from the blogger, but the followers as well. Even the skull for an avatar implies negativity.

The Sportguy wrote in ESPN The Magazine: “The hater gimmick sprung from the Internet, where bloggers and message-board posters rip people to shreds on a daily basis. It’s a logical tactic. If you want to cause a splash, but you’re not talented or funny and lack an interesting take, what’s left? You attack.” I found it interesting this comment came to head at the same time I was dealing with a blogger community that fell into the “hater gimmick” category. It would appear “hater” blogs are a bit of a no win situation for anyone

So the question begs to be answered. Do you want your Social Media presence to be “hater gimmick”; or an entity of fresh perspective and organic learning? My choice is the latter. But I would be remiss if I did not take the spotlight off the negative and shine it squarely on the lesson to be learned. Pick a positive tone for your online niche. The tone you choose will in turn result in comments that match the way you choose to interact with the world. If you choose negative, you are going to draw in negativity. If you choose educational and open-you might learn from your peers and likewise for the readers from you. Much like life-if you surround yourself with negative folks-that is what you get back. If you surround yourself with happy people-you too will be happy.

The negative follower is going to call me out and say “…well the hater gimmick worked, you linked the blog.” While the positive follower is going to take the small lesson and learn from it. I am going to take my chances and say most of you are going to take the good from this post and apply it. Peer learning is one of the many benefits of Social Media if executed correctly!

I will be doing my first podcast this week. My apologies for being unavailable last week. I was traveling and then came down with the plague. I will be doing my first podcast in the coming days.  Make it a great week….

Brent Is Social Media Virgin-And That Is Ok!

My friend Brent is brilliant! He works at the NOAA and survived years of Meteorology in college. But when it comes to Social Media and business, he is a bit slow to the draw. It is no fault of his own, he has been so busy with his career-the evolving business world has passed him buy. Read this convo (I’m MetNut9):

(8:51:17 AM) bosoxbrent91 what up dawg?
(8:51:27 AM)
metnut9 burning music for hads
(8:51:45 AM)
bosoxbrent91 nice….you were the topic of convo last night at Cheeburger Cheeburger between me and rob. haha
(8:52:01 AM)
metnut9 oh?
(8:52:03 AM)
metnut9 what about
(8:52:05 AM)
metnut9 fyi
(8:52:14 AM)
bosoxbrent91 im totally web 2.0 retarded and i asked rob why you put @ signs in front of everyones name on your facebook status
(8:52:22 AM)
metnut9 hahaah
(8:52:22 AM)
bosoxbrent91 apparently rob is retarded too and he didnt know
(8:52:25 AM)
metnut9 twitter
(8:52:39 AM)
bosoxbrent91 what does the @ mean?
(8:52:45 AM)
metnut9 @derekshowerman is a response for a person on twitter
(8:52:55 AM)
metnut9 can I use this convo in a blog?
(8:53:01 AM)
metnut9 it makes a point
(8:53:05 AM)
bosoxbrent91 haha sure
(8:53:14 AM)
bosoxbrent91 point out that the “smart guy” is really a retard
(8:53:21 AM)
bosoxbrent91 haha
(8:53:31 AM)
metnut9 I will teach you “social media”, not “web2.0” and how it can help NOAA & your career.
(8:53:56 AM) bosoxbrent91 oh lots of people are into it here
(8:54:00 AM)
metnut9 good
(8:54:02 AM)
bosoxbrent91 at least they talk about it
(8:54:02 AM)
metnut9 they should

The way some of us interact is old hat! This just another conversation (I am having many of these of late) that proves that even the Facebook users of the world still dont completely see how Social Media can significantly change their professional lives. If you look closer, he seems almost daunted by it. Almost ashamed! In the end, the industry is still an infant…and that is a really good reminder!

If you would like to educate  Brent, you can do so here: Brent@megakungfu.com He is a swell chap for letting me make an example of him!

I am off to San Francisco next week. I will attempt to do a podcast Monday or Tuesday. Have a great weekend!

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