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One Question For Ashton Kutcher!

punkdAshton, you have a million followers-what value are you going to give to their lives and careers?

Twitter is not a high school popularity contest. I, like many of the legacy Twitter users, utilize Twitter to learn from my peers to better be able to do my job. I/we use it stay in touch with valued thought leaders in the business  industry in which we work. Ashton may have successfully beat CNN, but CNN’s value proposition is apparent. Their Twitter posts will keep me up to date on the news-real time! Ashton, what is your value proposition? Are you going to tell me who the latest person is you punk’d? If so, I will stop following you as quick as I followed you out of sheer curiosity. That curiosity is to see what you do with your million followers.

Securing followers is the easy part for celebrities. But keeping them engaged and interested is the real trick. If you don’t work at it Ashton- you might get punkd (unfollowed) by yourself in front of millions.

MyFoxBoston Tweets In Real Time With Sparky!

As you read this there is  a news and print executive somewhere trying to figure out this new-fangled Twitter thing! How can we use it to survive in a changing marketplace that executive will ponder? It is a question that both the news and print industry must figure out now-or there may not be a tomorrow for many.

sparkyMyFoxBoston has been diligent about Twittering and using Facebook to this point. But what I found really exciting is how my friend Mark Parkinson (@sparkythepit) has been effectively using Social Media to driving brand awareness and brand affinity on Facebook and now Twitter. Sparky (known to many as Mark Parkinson) is the overnight cameraman for WFXT-FOX25 News here in Boston. He began posting updates to his Facebook wall for his wife and friends to follow what he was up to over night. He follows exciting stuff like rolled cars, fires, and even some of the more dramatic items  like shootings and drug busts. What happened was he started posting (in real time) what he was following and his friends and other friends started commenting on his live news updates. So it occurred to Sparky that it makes sense to Twitter those updates, connect his Twitter posts to his Facebook status and organically share the news – real time! No more having to wait till the morning show to know what is going on in the greater Boston metro.

For the news buffs it is a great way to “stay in the know”. Instead of listening to police and fire scanners you can follow your friendly neighborhood camera man for the latest news in real time. But what does it mean for the news industry? I think it is inevitable that that the future of news has already begun! Look no further than CNN’s iReport-news and opinion from the masses. As Mobile technology becomes more prevalent and easier to use, the ability to share happenings in real time will change the way news is delivered. What traditional news and print agencies need to do is find a way to mobilize a fleet of writers and iReporters to deliver the news and opinion to one online destination that updates news within seconds-instead of within hours. Move television and print advertising money to this new entity. Sadly the casualty of this new shift is the presence of reporters. The reporters will be the camera men & women, the writers, and you and I. That team coupled with the a second to none mobile upload and blog experience will transform both national and local news to a scalable and cost effecitve news organization for the next generation.

Sparky is simply doing what seemed natural to him. Telling the people that matter to him what he is up to. But what he didn’t realize is that he matters to many more people then he thought-the Social News world. I have no doubt that he will garner a huge following in the Boston area and be a trailblazer in the evolution of the delivery of news through Social Media. So the question now, who will be the first sponsor of his Twitter posts?

Netvibes Is Aces Over Google Reader

I recently migrated from the Google Reader dashboard to Netvibes, based on the recommendation from AJ Ghergich netvibes-logo-bis(@authoritydomain on Twitter). I have to admit that I am quite a big fan. Here is how I have set it up:

Home– The General page harbors access to my blog page, weather, stocks, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter. Although I use Digsby for my IM, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter needs, it is nice to be able to click on a tab and see all services from a birds-eye view.

Social Media – I have a social Media tab that holds all of the fine folks I follow on a daily basis. I additionally added the RSS feeds of keywords that are of interest to me on Twitter. I highly recommend this course of action through: http://search.twitter.com I also, have key Twitter folk RSS’d.

News – I love the CNN news widget. I also have a FOX widget up to get the conservative perspective. Slate has a stellar widget that is quirky and different. I am also very fond of WorldNews.com, and immediately added Whitehouse.gov to watch what Obama is up too. I have a Reddit widget that keeps me informed of hot topics being bookmarked. Wallstreet Journal widget is there too!

Sports– I have the ESPN Widget and the RSS feeds for the Mets, Giants, Islanders, Celtics and Duke Basketball from Sportspyder.com

TV, Movies & Music – I won’t bore you with what I have here. But I have organized all the nerdy sites I frequent into one spot. One nerd site I should mention is Aintitcool.com. If you are a movie buff it is a fun site that is not politically correct.

Tools & Technology – I loved the Wired and Techcrunch widgets. I have a few other RSS feeds that are interesting to me, such as platform providers, etc.

The net sum is:

  1. The assortment of widgets that Netvibes provides is robust and they all work splendidly.
  2. It takes a 30 to 45 minutes to set up.
  3. I save at least an hour a day being able to read only what I want- instead of having to surf to see what is new at the destinations that are important to me.
  4. As I mentioned earlier, Netvibes is the perfect birds-eye view of what is important to me online.

I hope this recommendation helps folks become more productive with their day! It certainly has deeper functionality than Google Reader does. Thanks AJ!

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