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Record Label Uses “All You Can Eat” Subscription Monetization Model

The music industy is continuing to adapt using Social Media. Have a gander at this:

B9 Changes The Way Their Artists Are Consumed

Bridge Nine Records announced today that their new “premium” account is LIVE now!  Members of the label’s social networking community, TheB9.com, can now access Bridge Nine’s entire catalog (100+ albums, new and old), have their own URL on TheB9.com, make playlists, hide/show users and features, and much more for the low cost of only $4/month or $30/year ($2.50/month!).  Label owner Chris Wrenn commented, “The way people access music is continually changing.  By launching this streaming player, we’re trying to change with it and meet the needs of our bands fans by not only making all of their music and releases more accessible, but to also by giving people an inexpensive way to show their support.  On top of that, we’ve added bonus features on TheB9.com as gratitude for those who upgrade to the premium account with many more features to be announced soon – including Bridge Nine exclusives and limited edition items.  Very exciting stuff.”

Since their inception in 1995, Bridge Nine Records has turned from a hobby to one of the biggest and best music brands in the world and is owned and operated independently to this day. What was once a one-man operation has grown into a nine-person full-time operation headquartered in Peabody, MA (just outside the label’s original home in Boston) with affiliates and distributors worldwide.  The label launched their offshoot messageboard/social networking site, TheB9.com (previously known as B9Board.com) in 2002, and today boasts over 80,000 members in the community.  In addition to being a messageboard, TheB9.com is also a recognized music news portal, marketplace (buy/sell/trade), tour database, photo gallery and more.

For more information, check out www.Bridge9.com or www.TheB9.com/premium-account.

Could this be a trend, and the beginning of a new way to cost effectively consume media, while still supporting the artists? Seems like a win win for all parties- if its scalable for the label. Will the revenue allow the label to do what they have traditionally done to support artists? Will the label get enough volume to make it worthwhile? This is a case study worth following……

Music Industry Uses Viral Marketing & SEO To Extend Brand Awareness

So lets be honest, Charlie Sheen is creating quite a fuss. His name is everywhere, so what did one mid-level band do? They went viral and recorded “Wild Thing” while in the studio recording their next record. All the while they have pimped out the “Charlie Sheen ” name so they can come up in Google searches and Google alerts for……..who else…..”Charlie Sheen”. Very viral of Chimaira dont you think? Check it out….

You know whats cool? In Chimaira’s first DVD, my website was proudly worn by the drummer during the show. How cool am I? lol

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