Hurricane Sandy Shines The Spotlight On Mitt Romney & Global Warming

The US East Coast courtesy of Hurricane Sandy

When I woke up this morning and went outside, all I could think of was global warming. Look, I have lived in New England for 38 years and I have never seen a hurricane travel this far up the coast and cause this much devastation. Life throws you signs and it is up to us to pay attention to them. Last night, mother nature threw us a sign, and has been for awhile now (see Katrina and drought). I believe it is time to take global warming seriously and begin to take measures to reduce each person’s carbon footprint.

The next question is, what can I do? Well it starts with making sure that our elected officials are thinking intelligently about not just our economy, but our planet. Without a clean and healthy planet, there will be no economy. So it got me thinking about our presidential candidates. I already know Obama’s stance, so what about Mitt? Here is what I learned about Mitt Romney:

The bottom line is this, Social Media is a tool that can be used to responsibly report facts. Mitt Romney is showing here he will say anything to get elected and really doesn’t care about global warming or believe it exists. So with that, does Global Warming exist? Check this out:

So I ask the question to Mitt Romney, what are you going to do about the fact that our planet is warming, other then drill for more oil in North America? You have 7 days to answer the question the gentleman asked you in the second video above.

12 responses to “Hurricane Sandy Shines The Spotlight On Mitt Romney & Global Warming

  • Bill Stavropoulos

    You are the liar my friend……New England get hurricanes frequently.

    • derekshowerman

      Not to this level Bill. When was the last time you saw New York this tanked? You also cant dispute the facts of the global warming Bill. Way to back up calling me a liar with facts. Next…

  • tc

    So I guess the Category 2 Hurricane in 1991 doesn’t count…ya’ know Hurricane Bob. The reason for the added destruction is that we have had a time for considerable construction in the last 20 years along the Northeast Corridor, which will result in a larger damage field. More buildings= more damage when a relatively small Hurricane comes through.

  • derekshowerman

    I never said that, you are only backing my point up that Hurricanes on the East Coast are becoming more prevalent. So again, I ask the question, what is Mitt Romney’s stance on global warming other then that he will make North America energy independent? How is he going to work with the global community to lower the carbon footprint of each individual? He has skirted the question and the facts exist that the planet is warming. Finally, please read this report on the Atlantic Ocean being warmer and thus causing shifts in hurricane activity: “The El Niño/Southern Oscillation can bring annual fluctuations to hurricane frequency in the Atlantic and eastern Pacific
    Oceans. However, this variable does not fully explain why there has been an overall upswing in hurricane development in the
    Atlantic Ocean since 1995 and an overall decrease in the eastern Pacific Ocean since the early 1990s. To explain this, a focus
    on the Atlantic Ocean is needed.”

  • Bill Stavropoulos

    New England is not New York = fact
    Storms are not more prevalent when you look at history.
    Hurricanes / Tropical Storms that have hit New England in the past 20 years:
    Kate…….must i go on?

    Really you are going to blame Hurricane Sandy on Mitt Romney. The level of intelligence is shocking.

  • derekshowerman

    You are the ignorant one Bill. I never once blamed Sandy on Romney. I blame the fact that global warming exists on more prevalent hurricanes and natural disasters. Something Mitt Romney is claiming doesn’t exist. Dont insult my level of intelligence when you cant read and logically intake data and points of emphasis. I don’t know about you, but I want a president that will look at the big picture and long term ramifications of actions, not just “drill baby drill”. Big picture Bill, see the big picture not the narrow world you obviously live in.

  • Bill Stavropoulos

    How am I ignorant? Your opening sentence ” I lived in New England for 38 years never have seen…..blah,blah, blah”. What a pile poop! After listing all of the hurricanes and tropical storms that blow your moronic theory out of the water.

    If you are going to write poop start by writing factual poop. Theory and political rhetoric have become so infantile. Oh so that’s where you are going, my mistake.

    If you want people to vote for the current POTUS then say so. All that is needed to be said about him is epic FAILURE and lies.

    Oh yeah the POTUS lies, just look at Benghazi

  • derekshowerman

    Dude the hurricane crapped all over the whole coast, New England right down to NY. I am not writing theory, there is proof that global warming is occurring across the world. The fact this guy is starting the contrary is insane. Look at the facts courtesy of the NOAA and FEMA: You are the one writing poop. You are basically saying “yep, global warming doesnt exist, lets drill on american soil and perpetuate the issue instead of looking at the scientific data!” Why? All because you want lower gas prices instead of investing in cleaner energy. The easy thing to do is not always the right path. Also, if you are going to come and make statments…source them please.

  • Bill Stavropoulos

    So sad seeing a guy get smoked on his own blog. My point is that your first 2 sentences are complete lying bullshit. After that why read further? Your stock is in the toilet.

    Rage on, enjoy the bullshit. The rest of us know better as history is on our side.

  • derekshowerman

    Again Bill, bring on the facts bud (source your points please). Instead you accuse me of lying and you swear on my blog. Thx for playing!

  • alexshowerman

    Fact: over the last 150 years there have only been 68 Hurricanes that have come up to New York and New England. Bill what you just pointed out is that there has been a significant up tick over the recent decades.

    This post in no way blames Romney for sandy, it is just highlighting that it is a short sighted stance deny climate change.

    Additionally, contrary to Fox News watching people, green jobs do spur economic growth. The only industries that climate change policies impact are the ones that donate heavily to the GOP. The places that it does create jobs are new emerging industries that the US should be a leader in.

    Another thing to consider, doubling down on “Drill Baby Drill” is an incredibly short sighted energy policy. Oil and fossil fuels such as coal are global commodities, as places like China and India continue to develop demand for these commodities will continue to rise. With the rising global demand, the prices will continue to rise, and there is very little that we as one country can do to reverse that trend. It’s called the free market. Focusing on clean renewable energy is not only a policy that reduces the impact of Climate Change, but creates jobs here in America, and will save American families on energy costs.

    I am happy to provide sources for all of this.

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