Derek Showerman Bio


Derek Showerman is a Pricipal Consultant at Salesforce Marketing Cloud (the thoughts on this blog are Derek’s noodles and don’t reflect the opinion of Radian 6 or Salesforce). Derek’s passion is strategy and execution of an action plan around the use of Social Media in relation to hardened business objectives such as SEO, Innovation, Business Intelligence, Market Research, Lead Generation, Brand Awareness, and Sales. His professional career began when he owned and ran a music website. He utilized “Web2.0” tools before they were utilized in the business world, resulting in an average of 1MM unique visitors a month, and rated at 157,251 in the world at in 2004.

Derek has also worked for EDR, Sokolove Law, Shared Insights, Mzinga, and Authority Domains.  His goal is to continue to use the knowledge he has  gained to help customers and business constituents derive true value and benefits from their SEO and Social Media ventures.

Derek specializes in: Social Networking, Online Business Communities, Viral Marketing, Community Mapping & Monetization, Brand Loyalty,Thought Leadership, Lead Generation, Social Networking ROI, Online Marketing, Conference & Event Strategy Community integration.

Groups and Affiliations

Past Community Consultant for: TIAA-CREF, Disney, Martha Stewart, Bersin & Associates, DTCC, WebEx, cMarket, TheGathering2.0, Catalyze (iRise), EDR,, Lifescripts, Ciena, Quickarrow, John Deere, Meredith Publishing, FOX, FOXTEL, Yes Network.

Affiliations: LinkedIn, Facebook, We Are Smarter Than Me, Social Media Club of Boston, Boston Food Bank, Toys For Tots, Relay For Life

Thought Leadership: We Are Smarter Than Me Founding Community Team Member – 1st Business book written by communities using wiki technology – Named the #6 Best Business book of 2007  by

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