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3 Actions To Help Your Organization Embrace “Social”

seoMany companies still have a stifling culture. A culture where marketing  peruses every piece of content shared to the external world. Guess what? That world is changing. If your organizations culture does not embrace being Social, it will lose its competitive advantage. With that in mind, here are three items organizations can implement to help drive a cultural change to embrace being Social. Sharing what you, as a collective organization, know. The value proposition if you will!

1)      Firefox– The organization should standardize on Firefox. The Social add-on’s I outlined in a previous post should be adopted by the organization as a whole.  Simply put- Firefox offers the bells and whistles a social culture needs to have and utilize.

2) Share Unique Content in Ping.fmResources and a solid content schedule is a full strategy on its own. But if your company is creating unique content, share it in external channels that Ping.fm automates for you. The initial set up takes a bit, but the execution is flawless. Even though some of the channels are NoFollow (SEO term) channels, it is a way to share your carrot content to the external world. From a cultural angle, if you set up an internal training session on how to use Ping.fm, how to use Firefox and Twitter, you will nail down the candidates that will want to share, blog and help drive your companies’ awareness in the Social Universe. For an hour a month this is an invaluable opportunity to gather internal intelligence- knowing who can blog and share. Many hands make light lifting. You will also find the social adoption go up significantly, most people just need to know the who, what, how and why to feel comfortable.

3)      Twitter Strategy– We recently conducted a poll that said 31.3% of organizations have a Twitter strategy. Here is a quick high level strategy:

  1. Create One Corporate Account (@organization) – 10 Tweets a day (60% business/40% casual & fun- be a human) Attach trending term: #organization & #keywords that you want to be attached too.
  2. Numerous individual Organization Twitters.–Put organizatio.com in the bio, spell out full name (example: @derekshowerman) 10 Tweets a day (60% business/40% casual & fun- be a human)
  3. Follow other Twitter folks who mention the Organization on http://search.twitter.com
  4. Plug in the RSS of the keywords important to you into iGoogle or Netvibes.
  5. Thank every follower with a link to Organization.com accompanied by an action item.
  6. Utilize a universal Recognition Rewards program

Got questions? You know where to reach me!

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We Are Each A Brand – Twitter Best Practices For Anyone!

twitterbrandI was flipping through ESPN the magazine last night when I was reminded of a disturbing trend. Aaron Curry of the Seattle Seahawks has a Twitter handle of @SeaHawk59. What is worse is Stephen Curry, a soon to be drafted NBA player, has a handle of @classof2027.  My question to both would be, how are people supposed to find you if they actually wanted to follow you? How is Google supposed to attach your Twitter feed to your search rankings? As it stands now, when you Google “Stephen Curry” his Twitter address does not appear within the first 50 search results. I gave up after 5 clicks on the next tab. Not good, and certainly not good for his Twitter presence. A SEO nightmare by his own creation!

This got me thinking about how companies can  utilize Twitter more efficiently. Really the same way athletes should, but don’t!  An athlete’s name is not their brand due to free agency. Sales is nothing more than real world free agency. With that in mind-I have compiled a list of Twitter best practices with an eye on maximizing your companies brand on Twitter, and ultimately driving brand awareness and affinity:

  1. Twitter users are 37% more likely to be followed when they spell out their full name instead of attaching their brand to their username. With that data in hand, I suggest that your company have one corporate username and all other employees make their user name an extension of the company’s brand. This will allow your company to be able to speak to all business avenues -instead of being pigeon-holed based on his/her username.
  2. Every piece of content created in blogs, Youtube, Flickr, deep discussions, new events- need to be shared on Twitter. We suggest connecting Friendfeed to the corporate Twitter account.
  3. I suggest your company share tidbits of knowledge daily. At least 10 twitter posts per day using keywords from a yet to be established keyword list. 60% should be of the thought leadership variety, while 40% of the posts should talk about the Twitter personality’s life. The corporate account should be purely talking about company  happenings and posting links for “link juice”, while responding to mentions. Always post an opinion on industry specific news.
  4. I suggest creating a template thank you note for every new follower. This template will link to the company’s website and be accompanied by a  thank you with a clear call to action.
  5. I suggest your company closely monitors the Twitter members that are talking about the organization on http://www.search.twitter.com. Track the results by simply copying the RSS feed of the results and placing it in an RSS reader.
  6. Your organization should comment on other posts of interest as much as time allows. This opens up free flowing conversations. The organization can track these conversations by keyword and put the RSS feeds into a Netvibes to follow effectively.


  1. One Corporate Account (example @authoritydomain)- At least 10 Tweets a day (60% business/40% casual & fun- be a human) Attach a trending term: Example #authoritydomains. If you are a Mets fan: #Mets
  2. Numerous Individual Twitter accounts–For example put http://www.authoritydomains.com in the BIO, spell out full name (example: @derekshowerman). Shot for 10 Tweets a day, 60% business/40% casual & fun- be a human!
  3. Follow other Twitter folks who mention your business on http://search.twitter.com
  4. Thank every follower and have a clear call to action.


Please be sure to engage social media with an eye on fulfilling real business objectives and a roadmap to see real ROI. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Tweetizen Makes Any Social Media Presence Sticky

About six months ago I made the recommendation to my previous employer (Mzinga) to create a widget that would embed a grouptweetizen-logo of Twitter posts into any community or website. The posts would be organized by either keywords or opt-in by the Twitter user. The value is exposure for Mzinga and a huge value add to the Social Media industry. My idea was met with crickets from the then head of Social Media platform development.

I received a Tweet today from a peer who was in the know of my suggestion. That person also attached a link to this article: Tweetizen: Create Instant Twitter Community on Your Website. I feel vindicated!

Tweetizen is a fantastic tool that I would recommend anyone with a niche website. If your web presence encompasses a wide spectrum of subjects, the Tweetizen tool might be a bit cumbersome to draw in all the keywords. But if you can think of three keywords that encompass your web presence, then here is the value.

  • The widget makes your business community or website sticky with real time content
  • Tweetizen helps you target new members for your community-or business targets based on Twitter keyword
  • It helps you keep a strong pulse of the industry you are passionate about.

I created a group for Authority Domains here. My only complaint is where is the search functionality to search the existing groups?

Sit tight, the embedded/widget version is about a week away. For now I would suggest getting your feet wet and playing with the tool so you can plug it in when it goes live. I will update this blog when that functionality is live!

Netvibes Is Aces Over Google Reader

I recently migrated from the Google Reader dashboard to Netvibes, based on the recommendation from AJ Ghergich netvibes-logo-bis(@authoritydomain on Twitter). I have to admit that I am quite a big fan. Here is how I have set it up:

Home– The General page harbors access to my blog page, weather, stocks, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter. Although I use Digsby for my IM, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter needs, it is nice to be able to click on a tab and see all services from a birds-eye view.

Social Media – I have a social Media tab that holds all of the fine folks I follow on a daily basis. I additionally added the RSS feeds of keywords that are of interest to me on Twitter. I highly recommend this course of action through: http://search.twitter.com I also, have key Twitter folk RSS’d.

News – I love the CNN news widget. I also have a FOX widget up to get the conservative perspective. Slate has a stellar widget that is quirky and different. I am also very fond of WorldNews.com, and immediately added Whitehouse.gov to watch what Obama is up too. I have a Reddit widget that keeps me informed of hot topics being bookmarked. Wallstreet Journal widget is there too!

Sports– I have the ESPN Widget and the RSS feeds for the Mets, Giants, Islanders, Celtics and Duke Basketball from Sportspyder.com

TV, Movies & Music – I won’t bore you with what I have here. But I have organized all the nerdy sites I frequent into one spot. One nerd site I should mention is Aintitcool.com. If you are a movie buff it is a fun site that is not politically correct.

Tools & Technology – I loved the Wired and Techcrunch widgets. I have a few other RSS feeds that are interesting to me, such as platform providers, etc.

The net sum is:

  1. The assortment of widgets that Netvibes provides is robust and they all work splendidly.
  2. It takes a 30 to 45 minutes to set up.
  3. I save at least an hour a day being able to read only what I want- instead of having to surf to see what is new at the destinations that are important to me.
  4. As I mentioned earlier, Netvibes is the perfect birds-eye view of what is important to me online.

I hope this recommendation helps folks become more productive with their day! It certainly has deeper functionality than Google Reader does. Thanks AJ!

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