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Assorted Musings: Twitter, Jeremiah & Mzinga, Facebook, ITunes Contest, Baseball Predictions

There are many thoughts swirling in my bean on this rainy spring morning! So I decided to unleash some random musings starting with how the Apple stores are now selling iPhone 3G without a contract. Who has a the money in this economy to afford it? Is now the right time?

Twitter– There were as many spam follows from Twitter in my Inbox this AM, as there were birds chirping outside my window.failspam What is Twitter going to do about this? They claim they are taking steps to remedy the issue, but are they really? I had a self proclaimed “porn star” follow me yesterday morning. I don’t think it is working! Just a point, when people have a username spelled out it makes them more accountable. Twitter should encourage people to not create aliases and use their name as their business brand.

Jeremiah Owyang & Mzinga – I am still waiting for the official post from Jeremiah in regard to his meeting with Mzinga this past Monday. Hmm…..

Am I the only person that likes the new Facebook structure? I could care less about changing it back? Although it is important for all Social Networking companies to listen to their users, I feel like this is a case of people getting comfortable. The bottom line is the new structure makes the fan pages far more sticky and I have found myself spending less time, but doing more on my personal page. That is a good thing! This is my request to Facebook to keep on…keepin on!itunesgift1

Authority Domains Contest – I am working with the rest of the design team at Authority Domains to rework the website. So far so good! However, the beauty of Social Media is to ask your peers what they would like to see. Use the wisdom of the masses to craft your vision is simply smart! Have a gander and comment here on what improvements you would suggest. The best idea will net a $20.00 ITunes gift card!mlb

Baseball PredictionsWith baseball starting soon, here is my 2009 predictions:

American League Division Winners:

Red Sox



Wild Card: Yankees

National League Division Winners:


Reds (yes I said the Reds)


Wild Card: Mets

We will have a classic Dodgers/Red Sox Worlds Series. I think the Dodgers & Red Sox have a great blend of youth and veterans. I think the Mets will be good, but are one stud starting pitcher short. Oh, Manny will have revenge on the Sox in 7 games. I almost forget that very important prediction.

Netvibes Is Aces Over Google Reader

I recently migrated from the Google Reader dashboard to Netvibes, based on the recommendation from AJ Ghergich netvibes-logo-bis(@authoritydomain on Twitter). I have to admit that I am quite a big fan. Here is how I have set it up:

Home– The General page harbors access to my blog page, weather, stocks, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter. Although I use Digsby for my IM, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter needs, it is nice to be able to click on a tab and see all services from a birds-eye view.

Social Media – I have a social Media tab that holds all of the fine folks I follow on a daily basis. I additionally added the RSS feeds of keywords that are of interest to me on Twitter. I highly recommend this course of action through: http://search.twitter.com I also, have key Twitter folk RSS’d.

News – I love the CNN news widget. I also have a FOX widget up to get the conservative perspective. Slate has a stellar widget that is quirky and different. I am also very fond of WorldNews.com, and immediately added Whitehouse.gov to watch what Obama is up too. I have a Reddit widget that keeps me informed of hot topics being bookmarked. Wallstreet Journal widget is there too!

Sports– I have the ESPN Widget and the RSS feeds for the Mets, Giants, Islanders, Celtics and Duke Basketball from Sportspyder.com

TV, Movies & Music – I won’t bore you with what I have here. But I have organized all the nerdy sites I frequent into one spot. One nerd site I should mention is Aintitcool.com. If you are a movie buff it is a fun site that is not politically correct.

Tools & Technology – I loved the Wired and Techcrunch widgets. I have a few other RSS feeds that are interesting to me, such as platform providers, etc.

The net sum is:

  1. The assortment of widgets that Netvibes provides is robust and they all work splendidly.
  2. It takes a 30 to 45 minutes to set up.
  3. I save at least an hour a day being able to read only what I want- instead of having to surf to see what is new at the destinations that are important to me.
  4. As I mentioned earlier, Netvibes is the perfect birds-eye view of what is important to me online.

I hope this recommendation helps folks become more productive with their day! It certainly has deeper functionality than Google Reader does. Thanks AJ!

25 Things You May Not Know About Me

Because my colleague and freind, Heather Strout, challenged me on her blog to post “25 Things You May Not Know About Me”.  I decided to take the challenge on a Friday evening. With dog underfoot, tangerine and Sportscenter in full swing, here are my 25 things:

1. I collected Star Wars figures from 1977-2006 and only quit after Revenge Of The Sith.
2. My passion and knowledge for Social Networking came from running a Metal, Punk and Hardcore music website from 1999 to 2004. We once hit 156,217 on Alexa.com with $0.00 marketing budget.
3. I wanted to be a Hot Dog sales man outside of Shea Stadium and Giant Stadium when I was a kid.
01524. My girlfriend Hadley and I have a golden retriever named Leia….after Star Wars of course!
5. I can’t stop eating cashews.
6. My girlfriend Hadley loves books and works at the second oldest indie bookstore in America.
7. My Grandfather was 25% Native American Indian
8. My Father played Legion Baseball with Hall of Famer- Carlton Fisk.
9. My Mother is an established Opera Singer, Watercolor Artist & Teacher.
10. My brother Alex has an unhealthy obsession with Scooby Doo. ZOINKS!
11. I grew up in Vermont and lived on the Ompompanoosuc River which is Native American Indian for “Where Deer Go To Poop”.  True story!
12. My Great Grandfather was an architect for several buildings still existing today in the Bronx.
mrmet13. I will defend Mr.Met and never apologize for his giant baseball mellon.
14. I took up cooking a few years back and make a mean Salmon & Dill Chowder (Click the link for the recipe)
15. I honestly cannot tell the difference between a $500 dollar bottle of wine and $10 dollar bottle.
16. My Grandfather used to restore 41 Chevy’s from used parts in Hershey, PA.
17. I once got a hit off of MLB pitcher, Chad Paronto.
18. I have amazing friends, starting from Elementary school right through today. You know who you are!
19. I once climbed the steps of the Mayan ruin named Chitzen Itza.
20. Larry Bird was my hero growing up. Today I most admire Al Gore for taking a stand on the environment.
emmai121. I have a 1 year old half sister (Jacklynn) and a 7 year old Step-sister (Emma).
22. I drive a Prius and actually care about my ecological footprint.
23. I believe in my life time that all of us will have an opportunity to travel into space.
24. I believe Barack Obama is this generations John F. Kennedy.
25. I feel fortunate enough to have simply the most amazing girl in my life…Hadley. And although my family is like all families (dysfunctional), I couldn’t ask for better people to call “family” than Hadley, Mom, Dad, Alex, Emma, Lacklynn, Larena, David and…yes…..you Leia!

Heather, I hope this meets the challenge requirements. Have a great weekend everyone!

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