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commonground Nominated For The Forrester Groundswell Award

commonground Global Social Network for Environmental and Commercial Real Estate ProfessionalsModest and humble? Nah..not my style! It is ok to share wins you are excited about….right? So with that, I am excited to announce that commonground is being considered for the Forrester Groundswell Award under the Business To Business- Support catagory. If you are new to commonground, it is a virtual community for everyone in the environmental and property due diligence industries to share ideas, ask questions and network.

Members can:

Success Metrics:


  • 450% increase in discussions/comments
  • 80% increase in blog posts
  • 317% increase in visitors
  • 289% increase in visits
  • 91% increase in membership

Content.  We now have:

Thanks for reading and feel free to visit the Forrester Groundswell page to review the nominations for all catagories, and feel free to visit the commonground page. I hope everyone is having a fantastic fall and watching plenty of Football. Stay tuned for a post on how Social Media is changing American Culture.

EDR, Summer, #IOilSpill w Jeff Cutler & World Of WarCraft

environmental consultants, environmental consultant

My sincerest apologies on the long delay between posts. It is one part summer, one part new job. Oh and one part World Of Warcraft! I wont lie-WOW is super fun. But mostly summer and getting situated at a new gig. Alas, here is a new post. First off, yes I have left Sokolove Law in favor of the award winning confines of EDR and commonground in particular.The Sokolove experience was amazing because of the people who reside within those walls. I can say with absolute certainty that the people of Sokolove are not ambulance chasers, but people who truly help others in need of legal help. And there are alot of them! It was very eye opening and I am happy for my time there. Especially because they are on a path with their SEO strategy that will serve them well for years to come. I was thrilled to be a key part of the strategy that put the organization on that path to success.

As for commonground, right out of the gate we:

  1. Launched Reputation Management complete with some swell icons and empowering points structure.
  2. Created a Social Media presence in over 40 social channels, with an eye on sharing and listening at the outset.
  3. Brought the Twitter conversation into commonground via Environmental and Real Estate focused  Hastags with Tweetizen
  4. Created the #IOilSpill campaign with Jeff Cutler– an environmental and commercial real estate long term perspective of the BP Oil Spill


All in all, it EDR has been a fantastic move for me thus far. Great people! Full of challenges! Massive opportunity! I will be sure to share lessons learned as I go. Come to think of it, I have a few SEO thoughts to share in the coming weeks. For now, please be sure to follow @JeffCutler and his #IOilSpill insights.

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