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Social Media & Community Manager Lessons via I Love Lucy

I was recently reminded of some very valuable lessons when I stopped to watch I Love Lucy on TV Land. When watching this video, think about each piece of chocolate being a mention of your brand in Social Media channels:

It is one thing to engage socially, it is quite another to be able to interact the right way. You can build a solid strategy, you can choose to build a community or simply swim in social media waters, but if you don’t train the resources with the skill sets they need to be successful- you will not really recognize the true value of engaging. Community Managers need to know how to process the content in a conveyor belt. Some of this comes from the strategy, but a lot of this comes from arming them with the ability to process and react to the conversations flying through the information super highway. Social Analytics, training and process! Again, if each piece of chocolate is a mention or a conversation about your brand that you are not joining, it is a business opportunity lost.

Ethel and Lucy are thrown to the wolves and it made for classic comedy. But if your organization invests, but doesn’t have players with the skill sets needed to succeed, the result will be no laughing matter. This is something I help organizations do daily, weekly and monthly very successfully. Some food for thought as marketing folks put together their 2010 marketing budget-think about not only resource allocation but also training for those new resources.

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