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Tweetizen Makes Any Social Media Presence Sticky

About six months ago I made the recommendation to my previous employer (Mzinga) to create a widget that would embed a grouptweetizen-logo of Twitter posts into any community or website. The posts would be organized by either keywords or opt-in by the Twitter user. The value is exposure for Mzinga and a huge value add to the Social Media industry. My idea was met with crickets from the then head of Social Media platform development.

I received a Tweet today from a peer who was in the know of my suggestion. That person also attached a link to this article: Tweetizen: Create Instant Twitter Community on Your Website. I feel vindicated!

Tweetizen is a fantastic tool that I would recommend anyone with a niche website. If your web presence encompasses a wide spectrum of subjects, the Tweetizen tool might be a bit cumbersome to draw in all the keywords. But if you can think of three keywords that encompass your web presence, then here is the value.

  • The widget makes your business community or website sticky with real time content
  • Tweetizen helps you target new members for your community-or business targets based on Twitter keyword
  • It helps you keep a strong pulse of the industry you are passionate about.

I created a group for Authority Domains here. My only complaint is where is the search functionality to search the existing groups?

Sit tight, the embedded/widget version is about a week away. For now I would suggest getting your feet wet and playing with the tool so you can plug it in when it goes live. I will update this blog when that functionality is live!

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