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Opinion: Never Burn A Bridge- Especially In 2009!

burnI was reminded recently by a long time friend and peer to post a personal posts on occasion. The last 20 posts have been anything but personal really. Initially, I was going to talk today about the need an equal balance within Social Media- a conversation for another day I suppose.

Ultimately I decided to speak about an observation I had over the weekend. I am going to be announcing a change before long, but how that shift occurred is due to never closing doors. In my professional career I have never closed a door with any organization. In fact, I have made a conscious effort through LinkedIn, email, Twitter to keep past co workers and peers engaged. Because of that commitment a new opportunity fell into my lap that I am excited about.

On Saturday night I re-engaged a long time co workers and friends! By the end of the evening, low and behold, a number of interesting opportunities propped up as a result of simply making my way out of the house to say hi. I readily admit I have become a hermit of late! When you start talking like Yoda to yourself in the mirror- you know something is up! “Brush your teeth you will!”

So what is the point? As my friend and colleague Pauline Brannigan recently said “It is good business to never burn a bridge!”  Agreed Pauline, especially in the Social Media age where networking is your life blood. You never know when old and new relationships alike will come back an touch your life professionally or personally. So lesson learned- never burn a bridge and if you do-get some pressure treated lumber, some nails and build it back up! “Beneficial it will be!” There I go writing like Yoda again…

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