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3 Actions To Help Your Organization Embrace “Social”

seoMany companies still have a stifling culture. A culture where marketing  peruses every piece of content shared to the external world. Guess what? That world is changing. If your organizations culture does not embrace being Social, it will lose its competitive advantage. With that in mind, here are three items organizations can implement to help drive a cultural change to embrace being Social. Sharing what you, as a collective organization, know. The value proposition if you will!

1)      Firefox– The organization should standardize on Firefox. The Social add-on’s I outlined in a previous post should be adopted by the organization as a whole.  Simply put- Firefox offers the bells and whistles a social culture needs to have and utilize.

2) Share Unique Content in Ping.fmResources and a solid content schedule is a full strategy on its own. But if your company is creating unique content, share it in external channels that Ping.fm automates for you. The initial set up takes a bit, but the execution is flawless. Even though some of the channels are NoFollow (SEO term) channels, it is a way to share your carrot content to the external world. From a cultural angle, if you set up an internal training session on how to use Ping.fm, how to use Firefox and Twitter, you will nail down the candidates that will want to share, blog and help drive your companies’ awareness in the Social Universe. For an hour a month this is an invaluable opportunity to gather internal intelligence- knowing who can blog and share. Many hands make light lifting. You will also find the social adoption go up significantly, most people just need to know the who, what, how and why to feel comfortable.

3)      Twitter Strategy– We recently conducted a poll that said 31.3% of organizations have a Twitter strategy. Here is a quick high level strategy:

  1. Create One Corporate Account (@organization) – 10 Tweets a day (60% business/40% casual & fun- be a human) Attach trending term: #organization & #keywords that you want to be attached too.
  2. Numerous individual Organization Twitters.–Put organizatio.com in the bio, spell out full name (example: @derekshowerman) 10 Tweets a day (60% business/40% casual & fun- be a human)
  3. Follow other Twitter folks who mention the Organization on http://search.twitter.com
  4. Plug in the RSS of the keywords important to you into iGoogle or Netvibes.
  5. Thank every follower with a link to Organization.com accompanied by an action item.
  6. Utilize a universal Recognition Rewards program

Got questions? You know where to reach me!

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