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Ask, Listen & Implement – Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For What You Want!

The big question this time of year is always – what do people want for Xmas? So riddle me this, why guess when you can ask?

In recent months I have observed the hesitancy from organizations to engage the Twitters of the world asking for the important answers they are looking for. Like it is a sign of weakness to ask your peers to offer their solicited guidance and opinion? Why?

I recently needed a date for a holiday party. So I Tweeted it out! The next thing I knew, my virtual friends created a #derekneedsadate hashtag and I ended up with a lovely date for the party. Ask and ye shall receive, much like asking what do people want for the holidays?

So with this information in mind, here are three business area’s an organization or brand can ask for advice- and no it is not exposing a chink in the armor- it is simply smart. Good practice because the many probably knows more then you. Proven fact!

  1. Vendor selection – If you are a business and need an external vendor, do your due diligence on the vendor. One step is to ask your peers their experience with the vendor. These are invaluable insights that can help you make an educated decision.
  2. Product Roadmap – What is amazing to me is that organizations don’t spend this time of the year asking their customers what the product roadmap should look like in the coming year. Your customers will be incredibly impressed if you ask, listen and implement. Make it so number one! Yes, I inserted a cheese Star Trek reference in there!
  3. 3. Competitive Intelligence – For those prospectus customers that are not currently using your service- ask them why. This can be simply done via the many Twitter tools and Facebook tactics (a post for another day) that will result in invaluable feedback. You can guess, but getting the answer from the horse’s mouth has never been easier. It never hurts to ask! But if you do, remember to ask, listen and implement

Happy holidays! Be sure to use this time of the year to simply breath, reflect and value the amazing people you have in your life. I started this post off talking about presents, but we all know that is not what this time of the year is about. So this is my plug to urge you to go bowling with Dad, watch a movie with Mom and enjoy the loved ones in your life.
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