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2013 Presidential Candidates Lying? Here’s A Solution To Keep Them Accountable!

Steve Benen of the Maddow Blog highlighted the lies associated with Paul Ryan’s GOP Convention speech last night. So the question begs to be answered, who is keeping politicians and presidential candidates accountable? It is supposed to be the press and the bloggers, but lets be honest here….it isnt working and the lies continue. It is making a mockery of the American Press and it is making American’s look like they will believe anything anyone says as long as they shave, shower and brush their teeth.

So here is my solution. How many of you are familiar with the ESPN Show – Around The Horn? The show is unique as it “scores the argument” – points are awarded to or taken from panelists (made up of sports reporters) at the discretion of the host- depending on the strength or weakness of their arguments or the factual representation. The rewarding – and deduction – of points has changed throughout the series. Originally, being muted cost a panelist five points. Later, the scoring was at its most strict: “good” answers were awarded two points, “great” answers were given three, and a mute subtracted three points from a panelist’s score. The end of every episode they do a fact check round up. During the fact check they tell the reporters where they were false on their statements and give the correct information to the viewers and to the reporters. Having that line of checks and balance keeps the reporters honest and keeps the show factually based.

Check out this Around The Horn commercial break, it makes the point about point additions and subtractions in a fun way. In the end though you will see where I am going with this.

Imagine having that kind of point structure and accountability for speeches and debates? It would keep both sides of the political fence factual. But the key is to make it an intermediary host  that is applying/subtracting the points and also giving the factual break down at the end of the debate or speech. There! problem solved! What say you?

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