Obama Term 1 Analytics of Success

I am an Analytics junkie! Love it actually…to the point where I generally tend to let it dictate my life. So it would stand to reason I decided to start thinking about who I will vote for in the fall. I sifted through data and came to the conclusion that Obama is doing a bang up job, contrary to what Mitt Romney has been saying.  

Have a look! 

The DOW Jones – 3 years (widely considered the pulse of the country’s economic situation)


That is alot of green! Seems like an awful lot of positive…no?

Unemployment – 2 Years


In the last 2 years it has dropped from 16 million to 12 million, a 25% drop in unemployment. 

Job Growth


Total Reserves 


The total reserves have risen 30% at last report. 



Import of US Goods (to other countries)


US Auto Manufacturing

ImageBack in January, Japan trailed America Auto Sales for the first time in 14 years.

Also, he fulfilled his promise to leave Iraq and issued the order to take down Osama Bin Laden. All in all, it has been a success considering the mess he was handed in 2008 and a useless House the last 2 years.

Is there work to do? Yes! He needs to lower the National debt, continue to fix the housing crisis, continue to lower the unemployment. But proof is in the data. If voters pay close attention they will see that our country is on the right path. Data doesn’t lie! Calling a spade a spade! 

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