Scoville vs Foursquare. What Are The Differences?


I have been peppered with requests to join Scoville over the last week. So I did. I was met with the following process:

1) Scoville Messaging

Welcome to Scoville #beta,

Our mission is to help our users discover at least one great new place every week. We’ll make it extremely simple for you to share the places you really love, the places you believe the community should know about.

We’re now opening our private beta to Foursquare users, so if you’re passionate about your city and want to share awesomeness around you, join the beta now!

2) Scoville – Adding some buds!

After reading about who they are, I signed in with Foursquare, added my friends already on Scoville from Foursquare. Then invited the others who had not signed up yet. Then I did the same with Facebook and Twitter. Nothing earth shatter and new yet!

3) #TopTuesday

#TopTuesday is the main way Scoville  engages its members and pulls in new ones. Each week members pick a favorite location to be their #toptuesday pick, and the each Tuesday Scoville (once you have granted Twitter access) sends out a tweet about your #toptuesday pick, and invites other folks to join Scoville. Any tips you’ve left are included so your friends can see what you recommended to them. Essentially you are making recommendations to followers (no different then Foursquare) while driving a Trending Topic (#toptuesday) on Twitter (which only really helps Scoville).

4) Twitter Post Prompting

You are prompted to tweet borderline offensive things to get noticed about joining Scoville.  Would you tweet this? “Had some dodgy Indian food, now stuck in the bathroom. Next time I go Scoville” You are asked to tweet this so Scoville can degrade your personal brand while pushing their own cause?

6) Scoville – Unlock Your City?

You can’t unlock your city until 1000 Scoville users are  signed up for Scoville at that location. Why may I ask?

Is there an opportunity for business here? Yes, so there it is. It was smart of Scoville to use Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook’s API to login.  However, other then doing something on every Tuesday in Scoville for your business, what is the value? Brands should be jumping into relevant #hashtags everyday anyway. In the end, does Scoville do anything that Foursquare really doesn’t? I am concerned it doesn’t have enough differentiation from what already exists to go gaga over. I want to like Scoville, cause some serious thought was put into the user experience. But sadly, it just doesn’t differ enough for me to invest more time in it. I will stick to foursquare! Sorry big S. But kudos for the hook….

Please feel free to disagree with me and show me the light. I am happy to be proved wrong.

4 responses to “Scoville vs Foursquare. What Are The Differences?

  • Nick Okami

    I am a foursquare fanatic ever since I got the app and it is linked to all of my social networks (facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc.) I joined Scoville in hopes that it would make things “cooler”? but I just see no point in the app. Its just yet another thing to have to keep up with and for what? No benefits what so ever… Someone please tell me otherwise.

  • Rebecca

    I agree with Derek and Nick, i joined too to see what all the hype was about, and when i realized it was a platform centered around a #hashtag i was sorely disappointed. I can’t use it to check in, i can’t do anything with it other that tweet my #toptuesday and view others #toptuesday. Well, i can do that anyway on a hootsuite stream. I will be canceling. Too bad, i do like the interface.

  • derekshowerman

    Good response from LinkedIn

    Great question. I am very interested in this as well. In my opinion, I see no benefit in using Scoville. Maybe I am just not understanding it? Someone please give me something to think about.
    Posted by Nick Rovisa

  • Stig Ove Voll

    I just registered on Scoville today and I’m not quite sure what to do with it. Guess it will be hard to get 1,000 users in a small town as Kristiansund, Norway. Wrote about it on my blog, though:

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