NBA Player Chris Bosh Asks Twitter to make a 80 Million Dollar Decision

Bosh seeks advice on TwitterFrom ESPN:

TORONTO — Chris Bosh is asking his Twitter followers to help decide his NBA future.

The five-time All-Star posted two messages to his almost 96,000 followers Friday night, ending a week of silence with a post that read: “Been wanting to ask. Where should I go next season and why?”

About an hour later, Bosh posted a second message that read: “Ok… Let me rephrase the question. Should I stay or should I go?”

Bosh is expected to opt out of the final year of his contract with the Toronto Raptors, leaving more than $17 million on the table, in order to join a free agent class that could also include LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Amare Stoudemire.

The seven-year veteran averaged career-highs with 24 points and 10.8 rebounds this year.

Here is my take:

  1. First off, if I was a young millionaire- I would do the same thing. The many know much better then Chris does- lets be honest! The masses cant be wrong and majority will no doubt guide him in the right direction.
  2. Secondly- I wish more companies would make 80+ million dollar decisions and ask the customers first! Maybe Chris is a CEO in the making?
  3. Lastly- Chris this is my plea for you to sign with the Celtics. Garnett, you, Rondo and Pierce equal a Championship in 2011. Plus, Boston is a basketball city. You will love it here. Just ask Paul, Russell, Havlicek, Cousy, Heinsohn, Ainge, McHale and Bird. If you want the best chance to win, come to Boston. Rondo will feed you plenty of easy buckets!

An interesting headline that proves the social aspect of business is here to stay and then some.

9 responses to “NBA Player Chris Bosh Asks Twitter to make a 80 Million Dollar Decision

  • Jim Matorin

    I really do not think Bosh’s tweet is a good example of asking the customer first, but delivered thanks to the ego of a celebrity that enjoys a following because people are in awe of celebrities. Personally I do not think the feedback he gets will influence his decision, but I would highly recommend for those teams that are interested in Chris that A.) They are listening the the conversations; and B.) Beginning following some of the people following Chris to enhance their viral marketing campaigns to increase ticket sales, merchandise sales, etc.

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  • derekshowerman

    I completely disagree. did you see how much press he received? It stirred the pot and opened the debate. BUT- it is only valuable if he listens and makes a decision based on data and customer feedback. The pot wouldn’t have been stirred if he didn’t take the plunge. Now it is up to Chris Bosh to respond and listen. Whether he does is another story. 🙂

  • Computer Repair Los Angeles

    Let’s go Lakers! Beat Celtics in 6! Show them who is the best team in the NBA!

  • Gregory Despain

    i cant beleive i stumbled onto your post..thanks so much!!! i am going to have to sign up 2 ur RSS feed so i can keep updated with your post…thanks Again

  • Jim Matorin


    What is your spin now? Was Chris listening to the fans or two rich friends of his that generated media hype because of a society that idols celebrity status. The winners? Miami Heat and Larry O’Brien. As I stated, were they listening. Re: Companies listening to their customers, my hat is off to Kimberly Clark and Huggies. For a $250m grant awarded to a mommy blogger they will have made a decision that will yield an $80 million dollar business.

  • derekshowerman


    Considering alot of fans think a powerhouse in Miami would be great for the NBA, I would say he listened. He took less money to play there.

  • 3WADE

    The Heat are the most baller team in basketball I don’t care what anyone says!

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