Why I Officially Work At Sokolove Law Doing Social Media & SEO

Anyone who is paying attention to the Social Media world knows that the following 3 industries are slow to adopt SM into their marketing efforta:

  1. Law
  2. Finance
  3. Pharmaceutical

Say nothing about the culture associated with the companies within these industries. So why in the world would I go work at Sokolove Law? A number of colleagues thought I was crazy to work for a personal injury law firm, while others praised me. My friend and colleague Jim Storer is fascinated by what I am doing.  Jim I owe you a call and will be reaching out with some business ops soon!

Simply put, I took this position to crack the law nut. As you would imagine we have lofty goals that have a monetization attribute of our social presence. To me, this is the ultimate challenge in my career and I am really excited to get started. My focus will be SEO through the use of Social Media. While much of my job with still be creating a SM strategy (clarity- around  SEO) that simply works. So not much has changed other than I have one focus instead of 9 or 10 companies at once. I also have resources to execute on our plan which is simply amazing!

Although I will not be able to share much of what we do, I will still be maintaining this blog from an analyst perspective. A birds-eye view of the social media space if you will! Because what we are doing is considered “trailblazer”, the IP we acquire will have to stay within the Sokolove walls. BUT- I will stay up to date on trends and share perspectives and best practices that I deem worthy to share from Sokolove. All in all, nothing will change in regards to this blog presence.

Thank you to everyone who is religious about reading my posts. Thank you to those who have helped me get to where I am today. These are people I mention within Twitter and on this blog religiously- y know who you are! Without you- I would not be in a position I am today to do something simply awesome. Thank you so much for having the bearing on my career that you have had!

Lastly, thank you to AJ and the Authority Domains staff for giving me the opportunity to help them grow their business while being able to look at SEO through different shades. It is that perspective that has afforded me the opportunity I am presented with today! I have heard that life is experiences that pile up as valuable building blocks. The Authority Domains experience was a leaps and bounds for me professionally and I will always make sure to pat their backs as I progress further in my career.

On a final note! If I can ever be a sounding board for ideas, a reference for your SM presence, or if you simply need strategic advice- please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. My new cell is 781-690-5998 and I can be emailed at dshowerman@gmail.com or dshowerman@sokolovelaw.com.

Happy holidays everyone! I wish you all the best! I will be following up soon with a post about not being afraid to ask.

One response to “Why I Officially Work At Sokolove Law Doing Social Media & SEO

  • Beth LaPointe

    We know you will be busy – but don’t forget this blog. For some of us, it’s extra nutrition when lunch for the brain is required. I need what you write and your style’s pretty good so don’t make me search elsewhere.
    I know law firms. You must too at this point. *wink* You’re followers will be the reason to surface for some needed oxygen. Bonne chance!

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