3 Best Practices On How Your Brand Can NOT Be Intrusive

On Friday I was playing around with Thread. To put it bluntly- it is intrusive and not an application that I would suggest for clients to utilize. It is meant to be an application where you can meet friends of friends. I think I would find it to be rather annoying to have a friend of a friend hitting me up for a date or trying to contact me for a business opportunity. It just seems to cross that line in the sand…moving from being a helpful tool to a tool that is overbearing.

The last month I have been inundated with Twitter followers who include me in business offers in public Tweets. Instead of inspiring me to click on the link, it instead prompts me to go on a rampage of “offing  them!”  No, not putting on my Tony Soprano leather jacket- just unfollowing and blocking them!

So these two observations got me thinking about the importance of brands to be engaging but not intrusive! Three suggestions:

  1. Don’t use technologies like Thread that impose your will on people. It will do you no good- trust me! Make sure that you have unique nuggets of value within each channel. What does that mean? Read point 2.
  2. Don’t create a Facebook fanpage and just replicate blog and webinars from another location. Create unique content for that presence- otherwise you are simply creating another push channel. Give it value for your target audience!
  3. Ask questions of others & join the conversations important to your brand! This is for those organizations on Twitter that are well….completely obtrusive and turn my into digital Tony Soprano!

Lastly, be wary of new technologies moving forward. Be morally aware of how obtrusive or obnoxious they are before using them. It is ok to share value, but pushing your sales message is a no no! Some of new technologies make it easy to spam – you don’t want to be known for that! Err on the side of caution- if you feel like you are being intrusive and spammy- then you probably are. Have a gander at this…



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