Video: How To Set Up An Auto Response Back To New Followers In Twitter

I have had a number of clients ask how to set up an auto feature. I thought about doing a video myself, but why bother when Aymee has already done such a wonderful job. Thanks Amyee! Also, be sure to look at every follower. I know it is time consuming, but it is important to look at everyone. Make the time, and do reach out to the people that can help you and you can compliment their business. Automation makes it easier to say thanks…nothing more. Be human!…

As always, if you know a sleeker solution, put it in the comments and I will give you mad props. Have a great weekend!

2 responses to “Video: How To Set Up An Auto Response Back To New Followers In Twitter

  • derekshowerman

    Somebody asked me on Twitter if a auto response is impersonal. My response was “@SueOnTheWeb there is a difference between being personal & setting expectations!” At least that is how I thought about it. There are still some people that will follow me that inspire me to kick them a DM.

  • starrgazr

    I have to say that I really don’t like getting an auto DM. I find them impersonal and intrusive. When I get a DM, not only does it go to my Twitter client on my computer, but I also get an email and a text message (I don’t like to miss DMs because they are usually important). I have unfollowed people because of auto-responders. It’s a tough call, because I do understand why people do it, but I would rather get nothing and engage in a conversation than get an impersonal DM.

    I chose to follow you from reading a blog post that recommended you by someone I trust, therefore I didn’t unfollow.

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