5 Twitter Observations & Recommended Best Practices For Today

Twitter is changing by the day! Over the last 6-8 months twitter best practicesTwitter has grown leaps and bounds. I have learned and observed 5 very valuable lessons. However, I have learned a great many more for business, these are 5 very valuable lessons for everyone:

1: Keep your followed/following ratio within a couple hundred +/- I would prefer to see people following more than they are being followed, this proves they are engaged and interested and will follow back. If you have extremes on the positive or negative you can be perceived as a leach or an elitist. Neither are very attractive, no matter what you are on Twitter for.

2. User Twitter Karma – Simply put, if folks don’t follow you back, this is a way to unfollow those who are not valuable. Take the time to really peruse that list. Some people maybe be elitists, but they also might be sharing critical info for your needs. As for reciprocating follow backs- this is what I mainly use Twitter Karma for. Sometimes people slip through the cracks, so this is a way to get those follows done quickly.

3. Use Tweetmeme – you can add the button to your blog unless you are on wordpress.com. However, everyone should go to the website (http://tweetmeme.com) and sign in with Twitter there. The reason is purely an SEO reason. Everything you share a link to your blog or website via twitter, it will automatically appear on the Tweetmeme  homepage  and the links in that page are DoFollow links. Meaning that they are spidered by Google and Bing.

4. Hashtag & Keyword Every Post – I have blogged about this before, but it is more important as Twitter becomes more jumbled with more people. In order to find what you need putting a # in front of the subject is critical to be found in http://www.search.twitter.com. For example, if most of your posts are going to be about…say….Alpo Dog Foodthen you want to use the hashtag/keyword #alpo #dogfood and then # the product you are posting about. For example if I were Alpo and I posted about classic chucky I would write:

@derekshowerman: Alpo Classic Chunky is now available in 12 oz cans:  http://www.alpo.com/ #alpo #dogfood #classic chunky

As I was writing this, Alpo is a terrible example because they don’t have indexing pages keyword URL’s for each product. A SEO nightmare, but you get the point!

5. Be a Human! Way too many companies are getting on Twitter and doing the traditional push what you want people to know approach. King of Twitter- Ashton Kutcher, is a prime example of that. He pushes out what he wants people to know, but never engages outside of the few people he is following. He has made it a “cool kids club”. That is the wrong way to engage. You need to spend time talking back and interacting with your followers in addition to peppering items about your business. Remember, the more you give- the more you will get back! Be a human, not a marketing talking head.

Let me know if this doesn’t make sense, I am happy to explain! Happy Tweeting with a purpose!

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10 responses to “5 Twitter Observations & Recommended Best Practices For Today

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  • Alban

    Hello Derek,
    Interesting point of view thanks.
    I am not convinced by the need of reciprocity and would only follow people who have content I do read instead of just because they follow me. This is why I would not use n°2.
    About n°1, I wouldn’t be that strong either. I believe some channels are to broadcast (news, jobs…), some channels are to interact and exchange and some others just want to listen, they are interested.

    I think the more important if you want people to really follow is to engage. This is the best way to confirm that what you write is actually what they want to read!

    Thanks again,

  • derekshowerman

    Alban, agreed on all points. Although, I think it is important to do due diligence on people who follow you. If they are in your “hot spot” be reciprocal. It is courteous- and who knows! You might just learn a thing or two!

    Props to Vicki Smith for pointing out a type-o. Follow her:

  • Mike Pascucci

    As I mentioned in a tweet yesterday, I feel that there needs to be a delay when people tweet using their “business” account, and RT their initial tweet with their personal account immdeiately. A 10 minute delay would be nice, maybe even longer.

  • Mike Chapman

    Great post. Following on some earlier commentary, individualism is one of the great benefits of the social networks that are working. You and I can do it differently and still both be right. I’m with you, though, and don’t bother with the APlusK broadcasting approach too much unless I’m really interested in what they’re broadcasting. So, even though I love Rachel Maddow, I don’t follow her on Twitter because she won’t follow me back. Personal preference. And social networking celebrates personal preferences.

  • Mike Chapman

    I should have added, I don’t follow Rachel Maddow back on Twitter, for example, because she doesn’t follow back….AND…I watch her broadcast on TV. I use Twitter for something different. My choice. Thanks again.

  • Jason Brown

    A little late to the Twitter party and these seem like excellent tips. Especially not being an elitist.

  • derekshowerman

    Jason, glad to be of help. Stay humble and not an elitist. Success on Twitter in social channels can lead to a fat head for some. Not only is it unattractive, being that way jsut wont get you far in life. 🙂 Just a personal opinion, but it is good to be humble and provide value when you can.


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