5 Fantastic Firefox Add-On’s For Social Media & SEO Folks!

A number of conversations of late have turned up the need to outline some valuable Firefox Add-ons. I did an impromptu poll and found 8 out of 10 polled browse via Firefox, while only 3 out of 10 have actually ever installed an add-on in Firefox.

So with that, here are 5 quick add-on’s for Social Media and SEO folks. Trust me; they will make your life easier.

1. ShareThis – I have sung the praises of Share This on this outlet on numerous occasions. The Firefox add-on will allow you to share any indexing page in numerous Social channels with the simple click of a button. The button stations itself to the right of your URL bar in Firefox. I use and abuse it!

2. Alexa Sparky– Say what you will about Alexa! Some say it is not completely accurate. That could be true, but I have found that when you drive your Alexa rankings down (Remember lower the better. For example this blog is ranked in the 574,000 range- while Facebook is ranked #4) you business will see a direct correlation of activities in a positive manner. For being a free service it is a great tool to give you an idea of how your web presence is doing. As for the add-on, it gives me insight right out of the gate about a website and how that business is really doing in terms of exposure.


3. NoDoFollow – Download the add-on, click on Tools and scroll down to NoDoFollow and you can see any Do follow link in grey/blue, while all NoFollow links are in red. This is valuable at seeing if your links are being tracked by Google and Bing. Keep in mind to scroll over all links in grey/blue and look at the lower left hand corner of the Firefox screen to make sure the URL is pointed to an external link. For example, when you hover your icon over a DoFollow link in Facebook, you will see it is pointing to another Facebook page- not the external link you would hope. Facebook and Twitter are virtual nonentities in the SEO world. They are however great for exposure, so don’t not use them because they can’t create in-links!


4. FireShot – Sharing is caring. Well this takes screen shot sharing to a whole new level. It has robust functionality and you can pay for it. But really…why? The free version allows you to quickly take screenshots and upload them to easycaptures.com. You can edit it and add captions incredibly easy. This is huge for Social Media reporting, PowerPoint presentations and it is..well…fun!


5. Hyperwords – This is a stellar add-on for research or to keep up on a topic based on #keyword. It adds an option to the mouse right click that will allow you to find more information related to the keyword that is important to you. For example, if you are reading an article and you would like to see Wikipedia entry for Mr. Met, highlight the word and right click, go to references and click on Wikipedia. Viola, everything you would want to know about the NY Mets mascot!


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