Video: James Cameron’s Avatar Uses Viral Marketing Perfectly-Update

James Cameron’s Avatar has been abuzz for months now as the movie that will change cinema and push in the 3D age. With the movie being released on December 18th, I was curious to see how the marketing blitz would play out. Ultimately, the goal of the martketing department is to get websites like Aintitcool and and Rotten Tomatoes to take notice as soon as possible. Especially with rumors persisting that the price tag of this movie is like no other.

This morning I was incredibly excited to see the official trailer for the movie. So I went to AintItCool to see the new move stills and was suprised to see the trailer already posted. So I watched… (UPDATE 6/25/09) It would appear they took down the viral video after the launch of the trailer. So here is the disappointing CGI one. I liked the silly viral one better:

I would say the Avatar marketing people succeeded in creating something fun that will stir the pot and will be shared repeatedly in the coming days. The beautiful thing, something like this costs very little and your brand can do it today and get noticed by more eyes then traditional marketing avenues.

In all seriousness, the cool factor of this movie is high. Check out one of the creatures from the film.


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