Ping Pong Props & Setting Business Objectives/Benchmarks

Thanks to Chris Angus for the props and kind words. He is regarded as one of the Top 100 Online Marketers in the world and is currently ranked at #2 in the UK.  Here is what he has to say…

Social Media with a Twist of Business

Social Media is still relatively new and not understood very well and being successful is still something of a “dark art”. I think a lot of “social media experts” consider themselves a kind of artist. They write or build something pretty creative (if it’s going to be successful) and then promote it. If they get the mix of creativity and interest right whilst following the rules that you need to appeal to Social Media geeks then it will probably be a “success” and garner a high volume of traffic.

That’s kind of how these people sell themselves, “We’ll create something awesome and it’ll go popular and get a bunch of traffic and maybe some bloggers will link to it” – and that’s where it ends for most people selling their “Social Media Expert” services.

There is usually one vital element missing: Business. What’s the point or the end game? Well, I found a unique blog which makes sense of all this stuff and actually brings a side of sense and reality to social media.

The blog owner and writer is called Derek Showerman, looking at his blog and playing a bit of email Ping Pong, he seems to be a very switched on kid *ahem* (okay, he looks too old to get asked for ID) with an excellent business grounding who’s going to do great things in this crazy world of Social Media.

Social Media needs good people like this in the industry, this is for two reasons:

1. There are too many people that don’t know how to produce a good ROI for a client.

2. We need people that know what they are doing to produce positive results which will be good for the ecology of Social Media and bring a lot of good work in for the industry as a whole.

Happy Social Media Marketing!

The only items I will add to this post is that it is important to:

  1. Map to attainable business objectives
  2. Set realistic benchmarks for success

Most of my work, at the outset, is nailing down the items above-while setting up process and expectation that make sense for the business. Every business is unique in this respect. But the need to do so remains the same every time….without fail!

Thanks again Chris for the kind words.

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