Monday Smorgasbord: Zillo, Bing, Google Wave, Jeremiah Owyang

I was going to devote this post to talking about iPhone apps that will change the Real Estate landscape., but I found many really great items to comment about. So with that, I reference the Joker and say “here………………weeeeee…………………………………GO!”

Zillo– Zillo is a game changer! Instead of having to call to get information on a home you are interested in, you can now use this app to simply look. In fact, you can put in an address and widow shop what is for sale in the area and what other homes are selling for. You don’t have to be sitting on that street to use the app. This makes selling, buying and browsing for real estate much easier. Not to mention you can make educated buys and know the right time to sell based on selling trends in your neighborhood.

I thought that the website, when it came out, would make the Real Estate agent more of facilitators of transactions. The app can virtually make you a short term real estate agent.

BingGoogle now has more competition! After playing with it this weekend I was impressed to find that a search of me turned up everything Google did and then some.

Microsoft has made no bones about their hot spots at the outset being in these buckets:

  • Automobiles (car models, car manufacturers)
  • Travel & Local (countries, cities, states, points of interest like stadiums and parks)
  • People (celebrities, athletes, musicians, bands, politicians)
  • Sports (NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB teams)
  • Health (cancer, diet, over-the-counter and prescription drugs, symptoms, genetic and conditional disease, injury trauma)
  • Entertainment (popular television shows, movies)
  • Retail (certain electronics such as cameras, cell phones and optics products)
  • Events (Oscars, Fourth of July, NASCAR, etc.)

I however loved how clean everything looks and how in-depth my search was. I would love to see a rating & review section for each search result.

Two questions, did they steal Google’s algorithm? What effect does Bing have on SEO optimization?

Google Wave: I sat down and watched the video and came away with this: Google Wave is a wiki on steroids that has the usability that traditional wiki’s have not had. Personally, I think wiki’s could have replaced a companies need to create a user manual for products. Let the users create it and download it upon purchase. Anyways, I digress…what’s your opinion?

Jeremiah Owyang– Went transparent and teed up the ability for anyone to tell him how he can improve. A great post! Now if every CEO would take his lead-we might now have any more GM bankruptcy’s on our hands!

That is it for now. Make it a great week!

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