Quick Reviews Of XOBNI & SKRIBIT


I receivexobni2d the following email yesterday:

I know you guys use Digsby and I thought you might like this one. It’s called Xobni (‘inbox’ spelled backwards) and it’s a little widget (5 mins to set up) for Outlook. It runs down the right side of Outlook and you can minimize if you want. It pulls in all the public data from one of your email contacts online personas (facebook, linkedin, etc.), searches all the emails you’ve sent and received to/from that person, catalogs all the attaches you’ve exchanged, etc. It pretty much rocks.

I took the time to attach the add on to my Outlook and I am not a fan for two reasons.

  • Digsby lets me organize my 3 IM accounts.
  • Digsbylets me to plug into Twitter.

The one item I did like was the very clear and organized contact manager functionality. You are able to see your recent email history and files exchanged between you and the contact. But the lack of IM and Twitter functionality is not enough for me to abandon Digsby.

I also had a consulting client ask me about the use of Skribit.com. skribit

Skribit cures writer’s block by enabling bloggers and writers to receive post suggestions from their readers and the Skribit community. Any time you can engage your peers I highly encourage it. But one word of caution. If you open the suggestion can of worms, you better follow through on those suggestions. When you engage your peers, customers or business partners-you better be diligent about adopting at least 30% of the suggestions, or your constituents will not offer them if they don’t see the fruits of their labor.

Great tool! Especially for folks who are new to blogging. It is also a wonderful function for companies that are engaging Social Media and looking to innovate to the voice of the customer. It will help drive the innovation conversations in the direction that matters most.

Please comment on your expierience using these tools. Happy spring!

4 responses to “Quick Reviews Of XOBNI & SKRIBIT

  • Naomi Marr

    Hey Derek – just a bit of clarification…I wasn’t suggesting you abandon Digsby, but rather that you had showed a propensity toward accepting/using widgets and that you might find Xobni interesting as an Outlook add-on. I could never give up Digsby! 🙂

  • Matt Brezina

    Hey Derek – Matt Brezina here, founder of Xobni. Thanks for the write-up. Glad you got to try Xobni.

    Like Naomi said, i really would not see Xobni as a replacement for Digsby, but instead a compliment. We are big fans of what they are doing, and many people are using Digsby and Xobni both on a daily basis. I hope you continue to enjoy them both.


  • Robert

    You should also check out Gist (www.gist.com). It works with Outlook as well as Gmail and any other web-based information source (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) combining your contacts with news about them.

    Gist, Inc.

  • Paul Stamatiou

    Hi Derek – thanks for posting your thoughts on Skribit! If you decide to give it a whirl, please let me know if I can be of any assistance!


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