Brent Is Social Media Virgin-And That Is Ok!

My friend Brent is brilliant! He works at the NOAA and survived years of Meteorology in college. But when it comes to Social Media and business, he is a bit slow to the draw. It is no fault of his own, he has been so busy with his career-the evolving business world has passed him buy. Read this convo (I’m MetNut9):

(8:51:17 AM) bosoxbrent91 what up dawg?
(8:51:27 AM)
metnut9 burning music for hads
(8:51:45 AM)
bosoxbrent91 nice….you were the topic of convo last night at Cheeburger Cheeburger between me and rob. haha
(8:52:01 AM)
metnut9 oh?
(8:52:03 AM)
metnut9 what about
(8:52:05 AM)
metnut9 fyi
(8:52:14 AM)
bosoxbrent91 im totally web 2.0 retarded and i asked rob why you put @ signs in front of everyones name on your facebook status
(8:52:22 AM)
metnut9 hahaah
(8:52:22 AM)
bosoxbrent91 apparently rob is retarded too and he didnt know
(8:52:25 AM)
metnut9 twitter
(8:52:39 AM)
bosoxbrent91 what does the @ mean?
(8:52:45 AM)
metnut9 @derekshowerman is a response for a person on twitter
(8:52:55 AM)
metnut9 can I use this convo in a blog?
(8:53:01 AM)
metnut9 it makes a point
(8:53:05 AM)
bosoxbrent91 haha sure
(8:53:14 AM)
bosoxbrent91 point out that the “smart guy” is really a retard
(8:53:21 AM)
bosoxbrent91 haha
(8:53:31 AM)
metnut9 I will teach you “social media”, not “web2.0” and how it can help NOAA & your career.
(8:53:56 AM) bosoxbrent91 oh lots of people are into it here
(8:54:00 AM)
metnut9 good
(8:54:02 AM)
bosoxbrent91 at least they talk about it
(8:54:02 AM)
metnut9 they should

The way some of us interact is old hat! This just another conversation (I am having many of these of late) that proves that even the Facebook users of the world still dont completely see how Social Media can significantly change their professional lives. If you look closer, he seems almost daunted by it. Almost ashamed! In the end, the industry is still an infant…and that is a really good reminder!

If you would like to educate  Brent, you can do so here: He is a swell chap for letting me make an example of him!

I am off to San Francisco next week. I will attempt to do a podcast Monday or Tuesday. Have a great weekend!

5 responses to “Brent Is Social Media Virgin-And That Is Ok!

  • MightyCasey

    Social media can be a whole new world for those who have been timid about starting conversations at social/business-social events. SM is conversation, with the attendant need for conversation skills. Waiting for someone else to talk to you @ a cocktail reception @ an industry event is the same thing as setting up a Twitter or FB page and then waiting for someone to come over and start a sparkling conversation – probably won’t happen. Quote people you find interesting. Share links that have a point of view you agree or disagree with. Search for topics that interest you, and get a conversation going. Who knows who you might meet, and what impact they could have on your career, your business, your life?

    Ready, set…GO.

    • derekshowerman

      Love it! 🙂 Did you email Brent? I encourage everyone to hit him up. It will be a great case study in the use of Social Media to educate. 🙂

  • mary

    It’s really hurtful and demeaning to use the word retard like you did.

  • derekshowerman


    Your right, but it wasn’t me saying “retard”. Ultimately it is a conversation between real people. The beauty of Social Media is the real factor. Everyday people are hurt inadvertently-there are different degrees of being offended. The purpose of this post is to make a point about Social Media and not try to offend people. Words are words & I’m sorry you were offended. But if everything was moderated in life as to not offend-we all would be robots. The beauty is we have choices as to what we choose to read. 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting, but nothing gets moderated on my blog-including your opinions. I hope you can respect that.

  • Brian Harris

    Spread the good word, Derek. You are uniquely qualified!

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